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Beyond 7 minutes

I trained as a Family Doctor so that I would be ready to help patients with any challenge. The old school family doc used to take that skill set out into the community on house calls, sports sidelines, and town hall meetings. At some point the job description was boiled down into a job that started and ended with a 7 minute office visit. That setup is not good for patients, and it's not good for doctors. In this column I hope to start to push the boundary of where the doctor patient interaction takes place - onto the page, into the community, and beyond 7 minutes.

WLOB Radio Interview

Great conversation with radio host Ray Richardson, myself, Dr. Mike Ciampi, and Dr. Bud Freeman about Direct Primary Care and being accountable to our patients. We are lucky to have a robust group of forward thinking docs in the state of Maine and a host willing to put us on the air!

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