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One low monthly fee for comprehensive direct primary care

Membership pricing

Instead of unpredictable insurance co-pays and costly office visits, all primary care is included for a flat monthly fee

Age 0-18 $25/month*

19-39 $50/month

40-64 $75/month

65+ $99/month

*a parent or guardian must also be a member for individuals under 18 to join

There is a $100 startup fee for new members, which will cover the time it takes your doctor to thoroughly review your medical record and develop a personalized care plan.

We offer a 10% discount for a membership paid annually


Primary Care services included with membership

  • yearly physical exam

  • blood draws*

  • skin lesion removal and skin biopsy*

  • management of chronic conditions

  • muscles strains and sprains

  • treatment of back pain

  • treatment of depression

*additional charge for pathology and external lab fees

  • wart removal

  • ear wax removal

  • sports related injuries

  • skin stitches (sutures)

  • management of chronic conditions

  • rapid strep testing

  • burn and wound care

  • sick visits

  • urinary tract infection rapid testing and treatment

  • weight and wellness planning

  • nutrition counseling

  • smoking cessation

  • home visits**

  • cryotherapy

  • anxiety management

**additional charge depending on location

Additional services are available at a fraction of what they would cost at a typical doctor’s office.

  • prescription drug discounts up to 95% off pharmacy prices

  • laboratory testing up to 75% off typical co-pays

  • discounts with local imaging centers for X-rays, CT scans, MRIs